34517 GE Refrigerator

Good condition. GE Refrigerator. Refrigerator compartment has 3 drawers, 2 adjustable shelves, 2 door shelves and 1 small door shelf with closing lid. 2 drawers in the refrigerator have climate zone switches. See remaining details below.

34516 Dicke Safety Emergency Sign

Good condition. Dicke Safety Emergency Scene Ahead Sign. Neon reflective pink sign with black outline and black letters. Diamond shape With metal stand and legs folds and wraps up for storage and portability. Dimensions: Sight is 50"W x 50"H.

34515 Freedom Railing Gate Kit

Good condition in box. Freedom Railing Gate Kit. Assembly Required. Matte black. Aluminum material. Resistant rust, corrosion, fading and discoloration. Rail kit not included. FIt maximum opening of 49.125" Dimensions: 42"W x 49.125"H.

34514 Imperial Chimney Brush

Good condition in box. Imperial Chimney Brush. 8" round wire brush. Removes creosote, soot and ash. Can attach to a pull line or extension rod. For masonry chimneys or single wall stove pipes.

34513 Vantage Exterior Shutters

Good condition in box.Louvered. Grey charcoal. Faux wood detailing. Hardware included. Vinyl material. Decorative use.Designed with wood-grain texture. Durable copolymer. Dimensions: 15"W x .1"D 48"H

34512 Allen + Roth Patio Umbrella

Good condition in box. Allen + Roth Patio Umbrella. Tropical pattern. Octagon shape. Polyester material. Aluminum pole/frame. Crank mechanism. 8.56ft W x 8.24ft H

34511 Interior Louvered Door 29.875W

Good condition back of door is white see photos.Interior Louvered Door. Natural wood stain louvered door. Pre-hung interior door. Left hand inswing Hardware included. Dim w/o frame: 29.875"W x 1.5"D x 79.5"H. With frame: 31.125"W x 4.5"D x 81.625"H

34510 Interior Louvered Door 31.875"W

Good condition back of door is painted see photos. Interior Lovered Door. See below for more info*

34508 Larson Storm Door

Good condition in box. Larson Storm Door. Peregrine gray. Full view. Retractable screen. Tempered clear glass. Universal reversible handing. Aluminum material. DImensions: 36"W x 81"Weather stripping included. Tradewinds selection.

34507 Prehung Interior Door 23.75"W

Good condition. Prehung Interior Door 23.75"W. Left hand inswing. Hollow core. 6 panels textured wood. hardware included. Primed. Dimensions with frame: 25.5"W x 4.5"D x 82.5"H. Without frame: 23.75"W x 1.375"D x 80"H

34506 Larson Pet Storm Door

Good condition in box. Larson Pet Storm Door. Tradewinds model. see below for more info*

34505 Prehung Interior Door 31.75"W

Good condition screw holes on door see photos. Prehung Interior Door 31.75"W. Left hand inswing. Hollow core. Primed to paint. 6 panels. Textured wood. Hardware included. Dimensions with frame: 33.125"W x 4.5"D x 82"H. Without frame: 31.75"W x 1.375"D 80"

34503 Pre-hung Interior Door

Good condition with 3 small drill holes. Pre-hung Interior Door. See below for more info*

34502 Calhome DIY Barn Door

Good condition in box. Calhome DIY Barn Door. Assembly required. Charcoal black, knotty pine wood. Solid core. Textured surface. Hardware included. 48"W x 1.5"D x 84"H. Length of track: 96".

34501 Prehung interior Door 30"W

Good condition frame cracked see photos. Prehung Interior Door 30"W. Solid Core. Left hand inswing. quiet door. resistant ware and tare. 6 panels. primed to paint. Dimensions with frame: 31.5"W x 4.5"D x 79"H. without frame: 30"W x 1.375"D x 78.5"H.

34500 Pre-hung Interior Door 27.875"W

Good condition. Pre-hung Interior Door 27.875"W Hollow core. Primed to paint. 6 panels. RIght hand inswing. Hardware included. Dimensions with frame: 29.125"W x 4.625"D x 81.75"H. Without frame: 27.875"W x 1.375"D x 80"H.

34499 Pre-hung Interior Door

Used with minor damage, see photos.. Pre-hung interior door. Hollow core. 6 panel. White, textured surface. Left-hand inswing. Copper finish door knob. With frame: 31.5"W x 6.5"D x 79.25"H. Without frame: 30"W x 1.5"D x 77 1/4"H.

34498 Pre-hung Interior Door 25.75"W

Good condition. Pre-hung Interior Door 25.75"W. Hollow core. Left hand inswing. Primed to paint. 6 panels. Textured wood. Hardware included. Dimensions with frame: 31.25"W x 4.625"D x 82"H.Without frame 25.75"W x 1.375"D x 79.75"H.

34497 Pre-hung Interior Door

Good condition. Pre-hung Interior Door. white, hollow core. 6 panel. Textured surface. Left-hand inswing. Brushed nickel door handle. With frame: 29 1/4"W x 4 1/2"D x 81 3/4"H. Without frame: 27 3/4"W x 1 1/2"D x 80"H.

34496 Pre-hung Interior Door 36"W

Good condition . Pre-hung Interior Door 36"W. Right hand inswing. Hollow core. 6 panels. Primed to paint. Hardware included. Dimensions with frame: 37.5"W x 4.5"D x 81.75"H. Without frame: 36"W x 1.5"D x 79.25"H

34494 Vanity with Sink

Good condition. Vanity. with Sink. Cherry/Redwood finish. 1 drawer. Porcelain sink base. Brushed nickel, single handle faucet. Natural stone countertop. 35"W x 23.5"D x 32.75"H

34492 Mansfield Pro-Fit XD Bathtub

Good condition in box. Mansfield Bathtub. White porcelain enameled steel. Durable high gloss finish. 2" deeper than standard bathtub. Slip resistant. Right-hand drain. Soaking depth is 10.62". 46 gallon. Alcove. Overflow drain. 30"W x 60"L x 16.62"H.

34490 Antique Counter Height Stool 23"H

Good Condition. Antique Natural Oak Color/Finish. Upholstered Fabric Beige Color. Gold Button Trim. Dimensions: 15.5"W x 4"D x 23"H.

34489 20pc White Modern Kitchen Cabinet Set

Used in good condition. 16pc White Modern Kitchen Cabinet Set. See photos for dimensions and specs.